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Thanks for the assistance Ann. Thought I'd done it correctly...don't ask me to fix your car.

Picture is small but if you look closely you can just barely see the thee tubes down my throat. One to help me breathe (blue tubing), one so the medical staff could easily poke around inside me if they wanted to, and one that was used to "pump" my lungs dry of blood and fluid.

Lovely way to live.

green looks good on you in any case. :)

The only things I could move at that point were my head and somewhat my arms. Arms are tied since when coming out of sedation some people have a tendency to try to remove the tubes on their own. Frankly, I can't say that I even felt them. Probably was too exhausted at that point. But really don't remember but bits and pieces and have trouble even piecing those together now.

Unfortunately for me the experience seems to still be affecting me...if not physically, mentally.

I can't see the picture real well but wanted to send you some positive energy. 

Take care


Obviously I've change my avatar...just in case you were wondering. The second post by Leatherman has a copy of the pic in case you just have to see me laid up with tubes shoved down my throat...


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