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new member here...diagnosed in april 06

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ohhh, i'm sorry Teresa..i just figured it out..we'll be pm-ing you soon..thanks

Hey DW,
Welcome to the forums. I am glad you found your way here.

I am very happy to hear your wife and son tested negative. That is a real blessing.

All I can say is it is possible to live long and well, even with the bug. I officially tested positive more than 21 years ago, although my first doc thought I probably was infected in 1980 (a long story).

So, if nothing else, I am living proof that you needn't give up on life, on your dreams or your hopes of watching your son grow up.

Please take good care of yourself. I look forward to hearing more from you and your family.



It was tough to read your story since its so similar to mine. Thanks for giving me encouragement in my thread. My wife is a big book reader and purchased two very good ones off amazon about hiv and has read one and has started on the other and I think its really helped her. We are both muddling through this the best we can. She got a little upset this weekend because she has a new job and isn't happy and we had a little crying session about the whole combination of things. Prayer has been a big deal for us now. We have actually prayed together for the first time and its been helpful. We will be praying for you guys as well.

The one thing we have most in common is that we caught this before we got an OI. From what I am reading that is a good thing. Most married folks would never just think to go out and test for HIV right? Thankfully (as weird as it is to say that) fate intervened and we know our status in time to start going the other direction. Also, I was wild before I got married and thought I put all that behind me but it came back to get me. I hope I can get over all this mental crap and you are probably further along with that than I am. Good luck. Feel free to PM me as well.

Good greif!  You have to start putting away for the college fund!!!  See him graduate, get married, have kids and oh my God, being a Grandpa... Oh what a life you get to explore together!

Welcome to AM Dingo....   Find peace in knowing there is so much support, so many experiences here that will help you through...  Chill out on your visit...   Your cd4 has increased and your vl has dropped even more.. ;)


thanks Mark and Eric for your kind words of support..i feel quite comfortable exchanging posts with everyone,and it definatly helps me mentally..i'll post after my second doc. visit on thursday.
 know what you mean about the mental crap that your going threw. its only been about 6 months since i've found out and yes it definatly has gotten easier,but i still have my moments as does my wife..yes,i guess in a weird way we are fortunate that we found out when we did and have not gotten sick..i actually never felt better.starting meds is a scary thing, and when i first started (truvada+sustiva) i was scared shit! i've read all these stories of side effects and bizzare dreams, but i have to say that i HAVENT experience none of that..Correction,the first nite ,it felt like i was on a bad acid trip..very jittery and i got really warm..i couldnt sit still..and i had vivid thoughts about my wife and new baby,and i felt a 1000 pounds of wife was next to me and just rubbed my head and it calm me down and i took a deep breath,closed my eyes and within about a half hour i fell asleep..that was a rough nite and i thought that if it happened again the following nite ,i didnt think i was going to be able to handle it..the next nite i took sustiva,i fell to sleep and nothing happened! i woke up and felt totally normal..then from then on ,everything has been fine..the only other effect i had was i started seeing white spots..nothing serious,but just discoloration..i called my doctor and he said that will pass..after a few weeks it has and i feel totally normal..a pill in the morning a pill at nite and everyting seems cool..
keep your head up brotha, if my wife and i can get over that first hurdle,you guys can too..your wife needs you,be strong for her,pray and things will brighten day by wife and i actually have become appreciate thing more..
any question,dont hesitate to pm me.


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