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American health care at its best!  All the reason to hate the fact that Obama sold us out to these bastards.


--- Quote from: tderby on March 18, 2013, 11:39:39 PM ---Cigna couldn't possibly want to use OptumRX for the RX costs themselves, as OptumRX / Prescription Solutions actually charges MORE than my local pharmacy (according to Cigna's web site). Yes, this is anti-HIV discrimination at its worst.
--- End quote ---

Having never dealt with this company or CIGNA, I can't comment on service issues.  However, I can comment on this quoted section.

What a company CHARGES and what an insurance company has negotiated as payment are usually two very different things.
My ID doc CHARGES Aetna $175 for each of my visits -- Aenta only pays $79 (minus my copay, of course).


I just started to order my Meds From OptumRX this year, have 14 medications included
Atripla and have not had any problem, they actually called me and reminded that it was time for refill.

Can you not use a copayment card with mail order to eliminate the copayment?? Contact Gilead for copayment assistance and yes u can use co pay card with private insurance!

I'm just going through this now with Cigna.  My doc prescribed me stribild, so i go to the pharmacy, they tell me i need pre-authorization.  So i get that only for them to turn around and tell me my deductable (for a single month) is 2100 something dollars. Obviously I can't afford that and did some prodding around and found out about Cigna's home delivery service (that charges me 66/month).  I feel like this is such a scam that they are making us jump through these hoops.  I still have to get it set up but im waiting on my doctor to send them the script -_-

I don't get it...*hits head against wall*  :o


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