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Hi Denise

Of course you are not doing anything wrong, trying to start a support group is a good thing, I know there are many out there who are looking but can't find that face to face support they need.

The only reason I asked was because in the past there have been a few people trying to advertise their wares for free in the forums, but as Ann pointed out there is no problem here, sorry if I upset you but asking, I should have found out first.

I would take Ann's advise and take down your email and phone number, lots of crazies out there you know, the PM servise is a great way to get things started without the worry of unwanted phone calls or emails.


Thank you for your responses.  However I'm not upset at anyone.  This phone number is specifically for the group and the email is an email I created for that purpose as well.  I know that wee live in times where people do and say crazy things but I believe the positive will outweigh the negative.  There are some many people out there that needs someone to help them cope but don't know how they could get started. Yes, that would also be great if they would send me a private message also.

I'm just trying to make the best out of a bad situation by bringing people together for a good cause.  Unfortunately no-one response.
Be blessed!

Having just found your Facebook page where I looked at you, your education, your friends and photos, I want to mightily encourage you to take Ann's and Jan's advice.

Let Ann alter your first post and encourage Texans to contact you in a Private Message via this site. And even then, go cautiously, as you have no idea whom you are inviting into your life.

You keep asserting the positive will outweigh the negative, you have know idea of what the range of variables are in the negative category.

You can be bold, fearless and friendly and still protect yourself at the same time. All you want is to let a few fellow Texans know of your efforts, but you've given your information to the world ... trust us, the world. This ain't about go large or go home. This is about go local, go small, walk tall.

on an unrelated note....

there's a system glitch here -- in the text block of my post I wrote the word 'no' before the word 'idea' and it keeps inserting 'know' -- what's up with that? I went to modify it and saw it was correct, so thought I'd just erase the 'no' and type another 'no' and re-post. Not happening. Anyone else have this problem?

You keep asserting the positive will outweigh the negative, you have know idea of what the range of variables are in the negative category.

I wish I were a little closer to houston this is the sort of thing I would love to engage in.  Unfortunately at about a 3.5 hour drive it's just too far for me.  Hope your group comes together.


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