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Houston Texas is a huge city and fortunately boasts many different kinds of HIV / AIDS support organisations, and support groups. 

Posting about your new, vaguely defined one, here, seem a bit like a shot in the dark.  You seemed disappointed that nobody responded.  But most of the members on this forum, are, obviously, NOT living in your area.  And, anyone who is in Houston, may very well already be plugged into the support they way wish to have.

Have you also checked out any of the existing support in your community?  Is there a reason you, personally, need to start a new group.

Maybe if you brainstorm and define the aims of your group, you can also brainstorm how to find, and where to find, interested people, specifically in your town.

I am wondering, shot in the dark here, if you personally feel quite isolated by HIV / AIDS.  Have you tried local groups and found them lacking.  Your first post also seemed to bring up Christianity and spirituality.  So just wondering if you have investigated the churches in your area which might have some programs. Or, which might be the place to start up your proposed group.  Right?

It seems your arrival in this forum FORUMS.POZ.COM, has been less than satisfactory, so I hope you think about these inquiries we have made. And the warnings about protecting yourself.

Every medium has its advantages and disadvantages.  Our google searchable international HIV AIDS forum does some things well, other things not so well. 

Don't take it personally.  People tried to give some thought and suggestions for you what you want to do. 

Nope, I will not take it personal.  That's just the way it is.  There are social groups here in Houston but most speak for LTBG.  I'm not interested in a person private life such as sexually preference.  Yes, I have spoke to a couple of churches just recently so I'm waiting on their reply.

I want to do something positive for a good cause so I may get discouraged but I won't stop.  I'm okay because I do have resources I can lean on.

I'm blessed!

Cool. Good luck with the churches then.


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