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Couldn't you have simply PM'd her?  She already admitted to having a change of heart before you decided to put all her personal info out there.

You made a point of getting my information.  So because I want to do something positive for the cause you would show me you can destroy me.  It's always going to be negative in anything positive that people do.  So this is why people go into hiding and slide into a depression because of negative things that could happen instead of focusing on the positive side.  It's really sad that it has to be that way.  People afraid to do anything but just sit or lay there and die. If I could get enough people together to do the group then I would still do it.

  Hi Denise, welcome to the forum, sorry I didn't mention this in my previous post.  This forum is made up of a great group of people, and the ones who have cautioned you above are just a few of them.  Trust me when I tell you, they have the best intentions when warning you of the things that can happen when you post highly personal information on the internet.

The members here, who you are trying to focus your attention on, are not the ones you need to worry about... It's those people from all around the world who troll sites like this looking for the very information you have provided.  It has happended, and the results are not nice.

  This is why the people above are trying to look out for you.  Their reasons are well intended, trust me.   

  Whatever decision you make on this, we'll respect it, because that is your choice.  And, please understand, no one here wants to destroy you.  I think your idea for the support group is a great one, and I am sure others here agree.

   Be well, and God bless you!


Thank you for the kindness.  It's very much taken to heart. There are always more negative than positive so I'll just accept that however that won't stop me from starting the group.

Miss Philicia:
Who's trying to stop you from starting the group?


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