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“Victorious 4 Life”
Social Meet Up Group
“Improving our health through socializing because a life without passion is a life not lived”
Is there anyone who resides in Houston, Texas interested in being part of a support and social group for HIV/AIDS?
Let's stand together in unity to end loneliness in AIDS.  AIDS does not discriminate so why can’t we come together as one in the community.
We are still dynamic people living Victorious 4 Life.  Our lifestyle may have been transformed but overall we are still outgoing and energetic people.  We are a diverse group of men and women coming together for the purpose of building friendships and a strong system of support in our everyday lives living with HIV/ AIDS.  Through its commitment, the club provides opportunity and resources for the development of its members to strive daily towards a victorious life.
Our interests are Fun Times, Socializing, Dining Out, Christian Fellowship, Support and Encouragement, Making New Friends, Meet New People, Spiritually, Education for HIV/ AIDS.

If you are interested, please contact (832) 744-3845 or email:

*Please note that we are not a dating service.  It has nothing to do with sexuality.  That is a confidential matter and not the group focus.

Hi Denise

I was just curious, but have you had permission from the owners of this site to advertise your social group?

Would like to hear more about you, just a wee introduction maybe.


There is no problem with advertising hiv social groups.

However, I would advise that people do not post their phone numbers - unless you're ok with opening yourself to the possibility of getting a load of creepy crank phone calls. Same thing goes for posting email addresses - unless you don't care if your inbox fills up with spam.

You can always ask interested people to PM you for your contact details.

Keep in mind that these forums are totally google searchable and are open to non-members to read.


I didn't think I did anything wrong by trying to help.  The social group is not started yet however I'm trying to get people to come together for the cause.  There are so many people in need of help but don't have any resources so I took this upon myself to help myself and others at the same time.  I hope that this can bring together many people as possible in a positive and encouraging way.

Yes, there will always be a negative to any positive but I pray the positive outweigh the negative.   


Denise, are you sure you want your phone number and email address available for anyone to see on a PUBLIC forum? I know I wouldn't. Do you know there are people out there who troll public forums for that type of information and use it for nefarious purposes?

By the time you see my post, it's quite possible that you will no longer be able to edit your post - but I can remove the personal information for you at any time. Let me know.

Again, I don't have any problem with you trying to start a support/social group, but you really need to think about putting your personal contact details out there publicly. You can always have people contact you via PM so you can exchange your contact info.


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