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Recently diagnosed, VL of 47 then 43, elite controller?

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I'm not sure what you're saying. Is it not the right and normal thing to let people who ive had sex know that I've found out I'm HIV positive so they can get themselves checked? Either there's a chance I've passed it on to them without knowing or they've passed it to me without them knowing they're positive. I'm DEFINITELY not saying that I've infected people knowingly and then are telling them now if that's what you think I mean.

Miss Philicia:
Of couse it is. I thought you were talking about how you would be having sex going forward after your diagnosis, not what you did previous to that point. Or am I still misunderstanding your posting?

Oh as in me now going on from here knowing I'm positive and not disclosing before I have sex and knowingly infecting them? Damn no! If Im ever in the position it's going to be upfront disclosure.


--- Quote from: Souledout on November 08, 2012, 06:02:34 AM ---Practising safe sex is not a sure fire way of not passing the virus on. There could have been a condom break gone unnoticed or it can be passed on through oral (as is likely in my case I think). I think it's the right thing to do to let people know, which I'll do anonymously as I'm not spreading it about that I'm positive.

--- End quote ---

Odd how your story mirrors mine - I do think I got HIV through oral also. I will never know for sure if that's the case, and most on this forum won't want to believe it.
I do have proof that, more recently, I caught STDs through oral, anal swab negative and oral swab positive for STDs. Not very surprising since I'm mostly top and use condom when I do, oral is basically the main route left for things to go wrong. It's not a big leap for me to think the HIV came in the same way. Not that it matters for me now.

It doesn't really matter how it happened I know, and it definitely doesn't matter what other people want to believe. Having always used condoms and practised safe sex I was more than a little shocked when I was told I tested positive (passing out and almost being sick shocked). I've had on going, persistent gum problems in the last few years which have left me with what is pretty much an open wound inside my mouth. Makes sense to me that's how I've caught it. But if others want to assume I'm deluding myself and have been engaged in risky sex but don't want to admit it then that's up to them. Or like I said, safe sex can involve a console break that's gone unnoticed. If it happened in the last 3/4 months like the doctor believes then it is DEFINITELY how I caught it, in they time I've been with 2 guys - one my (negative) current boyfriend and one guy I gave some serious head to (status unknown).


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