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Recently diagnosed, VL of 47 then 43, elite controller?

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Hi, I recently tested positive and my first two bloods came back with a viral load of 47 and 43. Now I know this is very low and on the verge of being undetectable, for someone not on meds this isn't exactly what you'd expect is it? The doctor just said that my body was fighting the virus well. When I got home I started to do some research and the possibility of being one of the lucky few who keep an ultra low viral load popped up. What do people think? Have others had very low viral loads then had them go up to normal levels or am I likely to be able to keep this virus at bay (below 50 copies/ml) do you think? Some research has pointed the the correlation between being an elite controller and auto-immune disease, which kind of fits as I've suffered with eczema all my life. Either way I know I've had a very good start and am counting my blessings.

CD4 was 674 and 627, diagnosed on 18/09/2012. Doctor thinks in the last 3/4 months but I think it's more like 6.

First, welcome to the forums, but sorry you had to find us.

I'm surprised the viral load test you are getting is that sensitive. Many tests do not tests below 50 or 75 copies so the fact you are getting 47 and 43 is remarkable. It would have come up as undetectable on regular tests.

You very well may be an elite controller, but it's a little early to tell.
I would suggest you contact the Zephyr foundation at . You will find other elite and viremic controllers over there.

I was one of them too. The lowest my VL got was 170 . I ended up still going on therapy after 3 years and do not regret that decision, I actually wish I had started earlier.

Yeah I really wish I'd not had to find this forum but now that I'm here I'm glad. I've read a fair amount of the posts and everybody seems very supportive and that's one things I need - I don't know anybody else who is positive.

I know it's early days and that I've got a loooooong way to go but I know it's also a very good start. The test that they use in Manchester (UK) goes down to 40 copies which is pretty accurate, it's interesting to hear that in many places I would be considered undetectable. I've got my fingers crossed that on my next test on the 19th I'll have dropped 4 more copies and that I'll have reached our undetectable limit. That would be a nice middle finger to the virus.

Can I ask why you went on therapy? Did your numbers change dramatically? I'm still kind of concerned that I could sky rocket (my doctor isn't even sure that I've  seroconverted yet - I really hope this is not the case.)

I've just been to the doctors and checked my notes, I thought I had everything worked out and knew when I was infected but the seroconversion symptoms I had displayed were months before my last test. To say I'm confused... Unless that was a false negative. Who knows.

Thanks for the link, I'm on it now.

leatherman, I seem completely unable to find the private message reply button so can't get back to you :)

It's hard not to stress a bit, it's only natural to REALLY want the best. But I know that even if my VL is not low then it's not the end of the world, I'll be in the same boat as pretty much everyone else which isn't all that bad these days. I'd prefer to be in a kick ass battle ship obviously ;)


As others have said - sorry you need to be here, but welcome to the forums.  It sounds like you have a good attitude, have good medical attention, and are learning as much as you can -- which is great.

Regarding the Private Message button - you need to post three times before the system will give you that function.

Again, welcome,



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