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Disclosing to HR person, who I will be sharing an office.....ughhh

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I started my new job Friday.  I will be changing over to the company's insurance wednesday.  However, on the form it asks if I have a pre-existing condition, and I will need to explain my answer on a separate piece of paper (it is required according to the paperwork).  Not a problem but I have to share offices with the HR/ Executive assistant  since we are moving offices on Nov. 20th. 

Basically, she's going to look over it and see my HIV pos status.  She's really nice, but whispered to me that she went to an infectious disease doctor cause of her constant sinus infections.  I'm super sensitive to this because my neighbor thought my husband may have given her hiv (even though he's negative) because they shared a drink of coke.  This happened only a month ago. 

I do not live in the sticks or a cave.  I live in the heart on the hip of NJ and work in Princeton, I mean come on already.

Any thoughts as to what I can put on that to all funny and creative suggestions.

Hey Camms,

Wow. What an unusual situation from this view.

Aside from noting you have HIV, what more is there to disclose or explain?

Why does it require a separate sheet of paper? I hate this phrase, but "It is what it is." If the sheet is mandatory, I would only write I have HIV and am seen regularly by a physician and am doing well. OR enlist your doc to write the right stuff.

Why did your soon-to-be cubicle-mate "whisper" she went to an ID doc for her sinus infection -- how on earth does that topic rate the level of a whisper? Or does she do the same for all talk? (Pssst, got my teeth cleaned last week.)

As to your neighbor -- does she know you're positive and assumed your husband is OR is she simply paranoid that everyone is a disease-carrying threat and HIV comes via the mouth. Wow -- no matter what your answer is.

Take care.


 Hey Camille,

    Do you know if having a pre-existing condition affects your coverage? 


skeebo-  from what i read on other forum posts, if it's through a company's insurance, having a pre-existing does not affect my insurance.

Em-  She is very gregarious, and animated, my co associate.  We got to talking about sinus infections and whispered "infectious disease" doctor.  Like the way people would talk about cancer.  Weird right?  I'm thinking, oh brother.

My neighbor, yes, knows I am positive. The whole story is that  she's in her late 50's and has MS.  I was over at her house having coffee and said she was really glad her test came out negative.  I said "what test?"  And just matter of fact she says my HIV test.  HIV test???what are talking about.  And she said I just wanted to make sure after your husband and I were sharing that soda weeks ago.   :o

And the funny part is that he's negative.  As if it's gonna skip on over him and attach to her!


Let's hope the HR lady's gregarious nature translates to open-mindedness and at a minimum that she knows how protective she should be of you.

If it were me in the same spot, I'd call my ID just to get another perspective on the right amount of info to write. Do they ask specific questions about the pre-existing condition?

If so, I might enlist my doc's help in completing it. That way, the insurance company knows right from the monitor's pen what's up.

Re: lady next door. Ah well. You like her enough you trusted her. She's feeling vulnerable due to MS. Perfect candidate for a mini-course on how great it is to have a friend like you -- open, trusting and health-conscious! (oh yes and a little transmission info, too)

Keep us posted as you'll be doing this in a couple of days.



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