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Many many people take atripla with no side effects.  That is why it is still on the list of preferred first treatments.
Atripla can effect the Central Nervous System.  Some people can have side effects such as irritability, anger, depression.  Atripla can make the taker feel a bit "buzzed" or high. 

Some specialists who know this, will examine the background of a patient to see if Atripla might be a poor choice. A history of anxiety or depression is usually a sign that Atripla MIGHT, repeat MIGHT, cause its known side effect.

I was on Atripla as my first combination of medicine.  And yes, I got the Atripla side effects. I switched to a different combination.
There are many factors that go into a choice of the first, and/or any subsequent medical treatment for HIV. 

A doctor can screen for "potential" side effects and still recommend a certain combo, and the patient might experience no side effects, and have found a successful treatment.

Its great to learn about the drugs.  But try not to get OVERLY concerned about the "side effects" because if you start scratching you can see and hear about so many, and they sound bad.  But many many many people these days don't have many or any side effects to deal with, at least not in the short run.  Who know, after 10, 20 years. 

Thank you much.ell all the above are the side effects on my kid. I took him for a check up with a dr. here locally(he was itching a lot everywhere)to see what was it. He recommended  a cortisone cream. My son had to tell him he was poz.
He and I saw the dr. turn to a different mood and attitude. My son felt unconfortable and I understood him. Now he dont wanna see any dr. Same happen when I took him to dentist.I guess people get scared or angry?
I am trying to be as positive as I can on all this. I get so sad for him,to see him so depress. Im trying to connect with people so I can help him.
Does a dr. make the change? or he can on his own?.
Also I want to know about about a dr that specializes on this hiv virus. He has to wait so long to see someone at the clinic. He insured on my health plan.

Thank you so much.


More information please.
Where do you live.
Who currently provides health care for your son?
Is he on HIV medicine now?
Who provides HIV treatment and oversight, where you live?  Public? Private? etc etc.

Once an HIV+ person enters into professional medical care, then the doctors will suggest the best first treatment. And the doctors will listen to the patient and examine the patient over time.  There are sometimes side effects just for the first month or few months on medicine.  The doctor decides what replacement can be possible, if there is problem.  Not the patient.  The doctor explains HOW a patient can SAFELY change from one combination of medicine, to another.

I am sorry you are meeting prejudice about HIV from health professionals - doctors and dentists.  It is what it is.  Total bullshit and pure ignorance. 

Please don't let these ignorant doctors discourage you from your son finding the knowledge and care that he needs. 


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