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Im new here. Have lots of questions,been thru mentors and left a message to someone,but no reply yet.
                                     Thanks , pat


What are some of your questions.

Start asking, there is a wealth of information and support here. 


hi there thank you for replying.
Well im real concern about what atripala side effects are. I wanted to ask someone that has or use it still. I want to talk to a parents too that have kids that are poz.
there are some people that are mentors here,but cant get in touch with them.

If any one knows of a parent that has a kid poz,please let me know.
I also want to know or hear from a person that  has been on atripala for a while.
My email is
May the good lord give you all the strength to keep positive and healthy,bless you all that are poz and the dad or mami that cares for kids with it.


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