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Prescription Solutions is not a Solution for your health

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I've also had some problems with Prescription Solutions / OptumRX in the last month or so. To give some background, I switched insurance in May to UHC. I take truvada and viramune, which UHC requires me to fill via Prescription Solutions. OK -- no problem. I log into their web site, click "order", and the meds get to my house in about two or three days. No big deal.

Fast forward six months. I order my 30-day supply of meds for December on-line, same as I have for the past six months or so. A few days pass, and I get a call. Prescription Solutions (rudely) informs me I have done it wrong. I cannot use the web site. Since my meds are "specialty" drugs, I have to CALL once a month to get my prescription filled. She says I should not be ordering via the web site, and someone should have told me this (???). That boggles my mind, since it is their web site, their system, and it has been working for 6+ months now for me ... In fact, I can still log on and place another order for meds at this very minute.

Well, that was on Tuesday. I asked her to fill the order via the phone, which she said she did. No meds on Thursday, no meds on Friday, no meds on Saturday ... so I call again. After holding for 15+ minutes, the Prescription Solutions person informs me that my order was CANCELLED by them. I ask why, he has no idea. I conference in UHC, and they are of no help. I call a UHC nurse to get an "emergency" fill of meds at a local pharmacy. She calls Prescription Solutions to get them to transfer the prescription, and they won't do it. The agent was also extremely rude (again), and blamed the cancellation on my ordering via the web site (at that point it was a phone order). I just hung up on the b*tch.

Thank god my partner takes the same meds, so I've been taking his for the last week. If not for his meds, I'm sure I would be in treatment failure by now, much thanks to Prescription Solutions. I am going to my HR dept on Monday to discuss this (in as much confidence as I can have), and I may end up quitting to find a job with better benefits.

Prescription Solutions is one of the worst companies I've worked with, and it is CERTAINLY the worst pharmacy I've worked with. I fully intend to find a regulator or state agency to bring this issue to. Best of luck with this company!


Miss Philicia:
I hate to inform everyone, but once you have a disease that requires multiple medical appointments and monthly medication refills you're going to encounter periodic bullshit. Get used to it. All I can say is stay on top of things when they get fucked up, or they'll get fucked up even more.

You can complain about one particular company, but frankly you'll inevitably switch doctors, insurance, pharmacies, etc. now that you're going to live with HIV for longer than a decade. They all fuck up at times. And once you start adding in the myriad layers of specialists for HIV and non-HIV related issues you get to have even more fuck ups. I've had days where there wasn't just one fuck up, but three happening simultaneously, maybe four. It becomes a part-time job managing it all. But I've also had years where everything sailed along with not many problems in terms of medical bureaucracy.

I don't want to be rude, but if you're running out of HIV meds because you didn't get a "courtesy call" then you don't understand the definition of "courtesy" -- it's still your fault that you ran out of meds.

I wrote a thread about something very similar happening to me.  My meds got delayed by a long time, but they finally got the beauracracy sorted and now one phone call every three months gets my meds delivered with little to no hassle.  I've also used Prescription solutions before and found them to be just as simple.  Calm down and don't use the website any more.  It's unfortunate but shit happens.  Best to get over it and not do something rash like quitting your job over an incident that wasn't even related to your job itself.

Philicia, exactly who do you think is doing the follow-up here? Santa Claus? I got my meds yesterday only because I have been riding Prescription Solution's ass and calling every few days. I've been on meds for five years, with multiple pharmacies, and this is the first time I've had to exert this level of effort to get a prescription filled. The company is screwed up, end of story. Most of the CS reps on their end are extremely rude. I'm not putting up with them. I'll find a better-run pharmacy (gasp, they do exist), and I would be so humble as to suggest that others might want to do the same.


Rev. Moon:
My experience with this company is the entire opposite of what you're presenting.  I had to start using their services last semester, when the university that I'm working for no longer allowed me to pick up my meds at the student health center's pharmacy. 

Every person that I've had to deal with has been polite, professional, friendly, and even sounded like they care(d) about my well-being.  They even asked if I would mind getting a call from one of their pharmacists to ask me a few things regarding my current treatment.  I said yes just to see what it would be like, but it turned out to be a good follow-up (which they did exactly on the day when they said that they would) with some basic questions about nutrition, other meds or supplements, etc.

They also made sure that my copayment assistance was kept on file, something that I appreciated.  And I have received my meds the day after the refill is requested. 

I suppose that every person experiences things differently.  Hopefully I won't ever have to deal with the things that you mention in the posts above, but as Philicia said it is up to me to make sure that it doesn't happen.


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