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Prescription Solutions is not a Solution for your health

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I ran out of my HIV meds yet again and Prescription Solution to me was "We give you a COURTESY CALL"..  Yet they never gave me call for the month of August nor September Nor October.  It was not until I was out of my meds that I realized that they had not shipped me my meds.  They have done this THREE times to me over the last few years.  I told them that I have ADIS Dementia and they could careless.  I told them that I wanted my back order of meds and was told they could not do that.  THis is so damn wrong.  How does someone like me get them to realize that I have to have my meds.  This is not an aspirin I am looking for.  Their response is that they give a COURTESY CALL (oops.their system did not).  How can they get away with this?  I told them that it appears their goal is to kill me and they were doing  great job at not following my doctors orders..  Just do not understand.  I think I will just give up on it all.  Not take the meds (when I get them) and let nature takes it's course.

i've had a great experience with perscription solutions, ymmv. don't give up. take a deep breath, calm down. they will ship next day. even if you're out right now, with no stockpile, they will have your meds at your door within the work week.

i've always gotten an automated call, and my bottles have an order by date on it that about a week prior to when i run out.

i won't vote in your poll because there is no option that says... never had a single problem with prescription solutions.


First make sure they have your contact info correct. Mistakes happen. Heck, I go to my docs locally and sometimes the info they have in their systems mysteriously changes.

Next, the day you receive your meds, you mark your calender one month before you are due to run out with big red letters saying "refill scripts". Don't wait for them to call, and don't put off marking your calendar. I'd also put a note at the one week mark also. Something like "do you have meds?" or something like that.

If you have a case manager or even your ID doc, let them know the problem you are having getting your meds in a timely manner. I have a healthcare liaison I can call who works with the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment. He knows what buttons to push, so to speak. He's been a big help for me with issues I've had dealing with local pharmacies and my prescription benefits.

Not sure how they work, but I get my meds mailed to me from the VA. When I open the last 30 day bottles is when I check and make sure my order is in..cowboyz has the right idea, do not count on them. Take control and check up on them. Doesn't matter if it pisses them off by doing that, it is your health.

EVERY pharmacy can make mistakes . 

I had been going to an HIV specialty pharmcy due to their convenience and knowledge of HIV.   At first they were great, they billed correctly and had experience using the copay card issued by Atripla.  They even automatically filled your prescription on the earliest day possible and shipped it to me free of charge allowing me to build a buffer supply of meds.  This pharmacy was also recommended by my doctor.

However, with many busineeses they went through a change of ownership.  The billing started to get messed up and on several occasions they missed refilling my prescription.  Then last month they missed again.  I called them up and they guy that answered was a prick. 

I had enough and searched for a new pharmacy.  I found oanother pharmacy that is local with HIV experience and changed.

Point is, you need to stay on top of them no matter how good they are.  They are all run by people and people make mistakes.  I have to mark my calendar for when my meds should be refilled.  On that date I check and if they arent I call them and ask why.  There is now way I would remember on my own so I have to use a calendar. 

If you have a google account try using google calendar, you can set it up to recur each month and is easy to set up.

Good luck.


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