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I need help understanding the numbers..

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Hi Poz, welcome to the forums.

I totally agree with Wolfie - you need to find a doctor who gives a damn. Don't wait until you move, even Texas has some good, caring hiv doctors. You might want to contact a local ASO (aids service organisation); you can find one by using's Health Services Directory. They may be able to point you in the right direction. Also, we have quite a few members here who live in Texas so if you can give us an idea of your general location, someone may be able to give you a few suggestions.

While your doctor was right to start you on meds, he was totally in the wrong when he didn't bother to give you any information. Luckily you found this place and you can start learning by checking out the Lessons and you can also find out what to expect from your meds by reading about them in the Treatments for HIV & AIDS. Feel free to come back to ask any specific questions that may arise while you read.

You're going to be ok, just make sure you find a doctor who gives a shit and will take the time to explain things to you. Don't be afraid to tell your current doctor exactly what you (and we) think of his "practice"... although you may want to wait until you've found someone else. Hell, you may as well tell him now. It just may be the kick up the ass he needs. Give me his email address, I'll kick his ass for you. ;D


dale gribble:
poz-sense you ought to check ought the ryan white foundation , they will be able to help you with a suitable dr
that's what i had to do he's a specialist only for hiv and other infection  diseases

check out GMHC, Callen Lorde or NY Presbyterian.


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