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Hi everyone... I met with my birth doula last night and had a few questions come to mind... I wanted to ask here as I can't find much information online regarding the actual birth process and protocol. (Aside from IV AZT, which I'm questioning... I've read that it's not necessary, but I really don't know)  I have an appointment with my ID doc today... I'm going to ask him as well.

These are the questions I have for my OBGYN.  Can you think of anything else I should ask?

* What is the protocol for the birth mother regarding IV AZT during the birth?

Is there a protocol for vaginal delivery regarding maximum time for the baby in birth canal?

After the baby is born is there any possibility of placing him on my chest?  If not, can they do the tests in the room?  If not, where will they take him?

I too am pregnant, 29 weeks. I have been undetectable for 4 years. My ID Dr informed me that a few months ago, the guidelines changed for mothers who are undetectable, in that they do not have to take azt (must be undetectable  6 mo prior to delivery). Baby must still take it regardless.

I thought I read that too... I am going to tell him today.

Hi Amanda. You might want to go to the treatment guideline page at

Scroll down to the Perinatal Guidelines area - there are quite a few links there.

Good luck! :)


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