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I refuse to sit and wait


Here is my story... so far!

I was diagnosed in April after undergoing a surgery. It was a really hard period in my life. I got angry for a while, but that's part of the past now. However the day after I came out of the hospital I decided to do something. I couldn't bear the idea of going into AIDS. So, I heard to my doctor but I also did some homework. I was resolved (and still am) to know more details about the virus and the therapies available. I have background in biology so that helps a lot. While I am glad the mainstream of research has done a lot of progress understanding the virus I found myself with serious doubts about all the drug protocols. It seems to me that the drugs are way too toxic, in certain way the drugs also weaken the body (specially the liver). And to my surprise there are no diet supplement protocols to aid the body combat the virus. However, that's what is most available and have saved lives as well.

Anyway, my body was quite weak my T cells were very low and I had a moderately high viral load. My Doctor quickly rushed my to the HIV specialist since it was apparent I was going into the drug therapy. That really scared me!!! So I spend a lot of time looking for people that knew about immunology and how to help the body get strong. It is unbelievable the sea of information out there! But I decided to give it a try to supplement protocol, which does not involves medicine and just good food. It is not a magic formula and it definitely requires some discipline, but I decided to try it since they had a case where a guy turn around his CD4/viral load.

I didn't believe nor placed a lot of hope on the supplements, but I did it anyway. My body started changing a few days after I initiated the treatment. At first I thought I was getting worse since I was still recovering from the surgery and was quite weak. But I had no infection of any sort, it was my body reacting and fighting back I believe. My doctor decided to have 2 more blood test to see the trends in my numbers.

Well, the latest results just came up and my viral load went down and the CD4 went up. I am out of the criteria for drug therapy. I think I did something right by being proactive in helping my body get strong. Most of the supplements I take everyday have shown to fight HIV and ther is a lot of scientific data supporting this. Luckily an immunologist has been collecting this information and I found him. I felt I should communicate this since I don't see many stories like mine around. Most people I know living with HIV does not get supplementation or medicating until they are at risk of AIDS.

I am so glad this forum exists, thank you for reading and good luck to all


I forgot to mention that you can visit click the treatment protocols link and start reading. Or read the Adam's story under Kurosawa essays.

Take control of your life!!

Best to all


Andy Velez:
Hi Gus,

Welcome! Glad you found your way here.

PROACTIVE is definitely the way to go as you have happily found out. It's good to read that you have had such a successful experience. Along with the physical concerns living with HIV is challenging emotionally as well as in other ways. With that in mind I just want to say you are always welcome here to ask questions as well as to discuss anything of concern to you.

Thanks for filling us in on your positive poz experiences.



--- Quote from: Arkan on October 07, 2006, 05:30:59 PM ---I have background in biology so that helps a lot.

--- End quote ---

definitely an advantage as that can only help. .... anyhoo, with the kurosawa essays, i'm sure more than a few eyebrows will be raised, as were mine. (i'm not attacking you just so you know) .... so welcome, Gus, to these most stimulating forums. it's a great place to learn, chat, laugh, etc  :)

Gus , You are a brave man. Good luck in the feature too. May be your experience will help others so that we dont have to depend on the medication.


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