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Here again, another oral question

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I posted a while ago and since the change of design on the forum, I just have a quick question.

In your lessons section, you state that even though its not documented and that it would not be easy to do, you could get hiv from being the insertive partner during oral. But all of you adimetly say that you can't and that none of us will be the first. Can you talk about the discrepency and what you know that is not in the lessons section?

After I tested negative following six months after getting a bj from a guy. I met a friend and we started hanging out. He gave me a bj and now I am worried again that I need to be tested. We did not do anything other than that except for kissing.

I personally disagree with the LESSONS section regarding theoretical risks such as insertive oral. I tend to trust first tier peer-reviewed quantifiable scientific data, and I believe it was an unfortunate concession to the CDC and perhaps even that caused insertive oral to be listed as even a theoretical risk. The three serodiscordant studies are extraordinarily compelling, and I am far more inclined to trust that quantifiable data than any unquantified theories or the notoriously unreliable patient self-report.

I am not at all a fan of theoretical risk. I find it to be a way of saying "there is no data to support this conclusion" without admitting such. It is speculation, and has no place in hard science. At 25 years into the pandemic, the vectors of HIV transmission have seriously narrowed, and the science has grown from the anecdotal to the quantifiable.

My HIV risk assessment is based on tangible data. However, intangible data is still used to a degree in many HIV sites. This site seems to rely on it the least, which is why I am here.

I am confident that as more data materializes, the LESSONS section will reflect this. We are, after all, a dynamic site and not a static one.

You do not get HIV from insertive oral. I am sorry that this site did not sufficiently allay that unfounded fear. Saliva is not infectious. Other STDs? Yes. HIV? No.

Thanks for your quick response. My only quick question would be, what if i had a small, very, very small scrape on me from a couple days before...and if he had brushed his it possible for transmission that way or am I just crazy nervous about this??? LOL

Well, thats the thing about theoretical risk. Never has HIV been documented to have been passed through this vector, and hundreds of serodiscordant couples perform unprotected oral sex on one another without a single infection.

What if? Your quess is as good as mine, provided that you realize you are speculating in the world of fantasy. Will I maintain that it's patently impossible, under the most extreme circumstances, to acquire HIV through insertive oral? Perhaps if a person with profusely bleeding mouth, maybe during a sexual assault, bits off the penis that is thrust into that mouth, an infection might be possible. However, to date, no one has ever reported such an infection - and rape, even violent rape- is not as rare as all that.

No risk. No need to test. Seriously. And I will continue to fight for the elimination of theoretical risk from the otherwise sound science-based LESSONS section, to help this site maintain it's well-deserved credibility.

Because if insertive oral is a theoretical risk, so is Kissing. So is mutual masturbation. So is rimming. So is fingering. And I simply don't agree, and neither does the data.


You were told repeatedly in your thread in the old forum that getting a blowjob just doesn't happen in the real world.

If you read the lessons carefully, you would have also read the bit about getting hit by meteorites that is meant to put the whole thing into perspective. Do you worry about being squashed by a meteorite every time you leave your house?

--- Quote ---Here's a good way to think about theoretical risk: In theory, it is possible that while walking down the street, a meteor will fall on your head and kill you instantly. This is because meteors do occasionally fall to earth. People live their lives above ground, so there is a theoretical risk of being hit be a meteor. In fact, there have been reports of a few people being hit by meteors. But because the risk is so small, given that few meteors fall to earth and the large number of inhabitants of this planet, the risk is purely theoretical. The same principle holds true with oral sex – millions of people all over the world are believed to engage in unprotected oral sex and there have only been a handful of documented cases of HIV transmission. In turn, fellatio, and other types of oral sex (see below), remains a theoretical risk for HIV infection.
--- End quote ---

The "handful" of documented hiv transmission cases via oral were not concerning the receptive partner. Getting a blowjob is not a real risk of hiv infection no matter what sort of spin you want to put on it. Not one person has ever become infected in this way and you will NOT be the first.



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