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Girlfriend tested positive at 2 months pregnant

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Dear NegThai,

No advice here. Instead, I extend a simple congratulations on your pending fatherhood and praise for your handling of the situation. You're going to make a nice family unit and I wish you all the best.


1.A bit concern why your girlfriend is still not on medication. Several research shows that the sooner the better regarding mother to child transmission risk. If the mother have an undetectable Viral load at birth there is a very small risk for a child to contract HIV.   Anyway I will listen to the doctor but make sure that shes will be on med after her first trimester. With treatment there is about risk for a child to contract HIV from HIV positive mother.

2. I recommended that you gone with private medical care, we all know public medical care in Thailand is crap and at bare minimum are we. You can save a lot of money if you buy your girlfriend medication at the anonymous clinic at Thai red cross. I did!

3. I'm Thai and I believe HIV is a lot less stigmatize that many country in the region. You will sees that there is a small space for people that are HIV positive. We all know that people's talk s o please be very careful on who to tell XXXXXXX!!!!!  I agree that the very least you girlfriend parent should be notify but it must be her choice. I told mine and they accepted my condition, we been closer ever since but it is a roller coaster. Make sure that a person that you will tell is trust worthy, emotionally stable. I make a mistake telling my status to my close friend and he had some emotional problem it burden him heavily so please be careful.


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