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New Job since being infected


Its been about 7 years now that I've been poz.  I was laid off in 2008, and got state insurance with adap. 

My new position has several different insurance plans.  However, my real question is when the time comes to fill out my new insurance.  Won't the HR person wonder why I had state insurance originally.  Do I have to reveal my status?  I'm very new at this end so I'm not sure how this will go down?

If this question was already posted, please just lead me in the right direction.

Thank you,


If anyone could offer some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm starting full time, from my part time at the end of the week, and I'm freaking out  :-\

Thanks Camms

Miss Philicia:
I'm sure the HR person has seen a scenario before where a new hire was on state insurance. They're not going to immediately think it has anything to do with HIV. Why do you think they would do that?

Camms, even if the HR person knew about you having HIV, they are bound by confidentiality.  They cannot reveal your status to anyone else.  So I wouldn't worry about it.

Miss P, I don't know why other people are on state insurance.  I thought if you had another illness like chrohns or lupus you would have medicaid or disability. 

Thanks for the feed back.  It's my first time in years going back into the corporate stratosphere and I'm just really nervous about the whole thing.


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