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I had anal sex for the first time (receptive)  I thought I was being safe, but now I am nervous.  It was protected, condom used.  My question is that when he came, he thrust a few more times.  Now when I took the condom off, I noticed that the semen was not just at the tip of the condom, but spread throughout.  I am worried that after he came, he thrust, which could mean the semen moved up the condom, but what if some came out of the opening near the base of his penis and slid down the outside as he continued to thrust?  Is that a risk?  Do I need to test?  I did fill the condom with water later and there were no holes, but  there was semen on all over the inside to the top.  I don't want to get fixated on this and dwell if I don't need to.  Can you give me some advice.  I thank all of you in advance for your kindness.

Andy Velez:
Ooops, I think you're ok this time out. Condoms provide very effective protection. And even with some of the semen having dispersed around in the condom you're still ok.

As for breakage, when a condom fails it's not a subtle event. You really know it because it falls apart.

So I don't see any need for testing in relation to this incident. What I do recommend to anyone who's sexually active is to regularly have a full STD panel done. That means at least annually and more frequently if there's anything genuinely risky like intercourse without a condom.

There are other STDs out there which are much easier to acquire than HIV, which is why testing regularly is a good idea. As far as this time is concerned I don't see any cause for further worry. If you're new to anal sex along with the excitement there can also be a certain amount of anxiety, which may account for your concern. In any case whether that's true for you or not, you're ok this time.


Thanks for your reply.  I don't want this to become something that I am fixated on and let it ruin my everyday life.  I used a lot of lube and thought I was doing everything right.  Is it possible that I could become infected this way.  I don't know for sure if the semen was out of the top of the condom, but it was near it and spread throughout the condom when I took it off him.  Is this common or did I do something wrong?  Should I move on and put this behind me?  I KNOW that the condom didn't break, but was suprised to see semen up near the top so I thought is it possible for it to come out and then infect me?


I agree with Andy that you don't need to worry in this instance. It's highly unlikely that any cum would have gotten inside you, as the top of the condom would have remained outside. It's getting cum inside your bottom that you need to guard against, and condoms are very effective in this regard. If what you describe were a real risk, we'd know about it by now.

Please have a look at the condom and lube links in my signature line, so you can be confident in their use and make sure your top is using them correctly.

I don't see a need for testing over this specific incident either, but like Andy, I also recommend regular, routine, full sexual health care check ups.


Thank you Ann and Andy so much for replying.  I am trying my best not to let this eat at me, but honestly it is a little.  Can you help me with one more thing?  How can I make sure this doesn't happen again?  Is this pretty common? Is this something I or he did wrong with the condom?  We used a lot of lube and put the condom on correctly, how can I avoid this in the future?   One last thing, I should put the thought of HIV out of my mind for this incident?


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