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Hi LovelyLady.  I am also a newbie and have kept my diagnosis private, somewhat. I did tell my father who is understanding but felt that I did not need to tell anyone else. Your daughters mean the world to you and I know that telling them would most likely change the way they see you.  They love you for being there for them, so there is no need to tell them...continue to be the great mother that you are, that is what is driving you everyday...your condition is a private matter and should remain that way unless you feel the need to share...I hope all works out for you.

hi lovelylady,
it is getting close to 2 years since my diagnosis. i have not told any of my family or close friends. it took me almost a year to get somewhat comfortable with my status. now i go on dates and i can tell them about my status up front and honest about it. i have been thinking about telling my friends. but not my family. i have decided that i would never tell my family. it's better that way.
you do what's best for you and not anyone else. you don't have to tell anyone unless you want to and you feel comfortable.
i hope your emotion settles down soon and find peace. when i was diagnosed the best advise i got was find peace in yourself. PEACE might be my next tattoo. so i don't forget.
i wish you the best.


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