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Newbie here.. I test + back in august and was finally coming to terms of just being HIV +..saw my infectious disease Dr yesterday and was told that with a CD4 of 117 that this is consider AIDS..viral load of 168, eye opening thing he told me that if this had gone unchecked my mortality rate was roughly 3 yrs...but he reassured me that in time the Complara will get my numbers back in line..he also put me on Bactrim so that no infections will set in...this is a whole new world to adjust too...but I am great full that I ran across this website...

Take a look at the people that have been here for sometime.  At the bottom of their responses you will see their progression of their numbers after being diagnosed.  To say it's encouraging is an understatement!

Complera is one of the drugs I have been doing a lot of reading about, it will be interesting to see how well you do with it.


As a relative newbie myself, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but a warm welcome to the forums.  I understand it being a new world - I have found that it is getting easier as time goes on and I take control of my health.

I wish you well, and again, welcome,


Hi Greg,

As many say here, welcome to the forum... and sorry you've had to seek it out.

I'm a newbie too, diagnosed in September with sort of similar stats (I started with a CD4 count of 49 with a VL of nearly 1.2 Million... might have had a year left in me!)... I was on Bactrim as well, I hope you do ok with it - some people have reactions to it as I'm sure you've been told already... I was one of those so they switched me to Dapsone last week... and may be on it all winter.

I don't have specific advice other than to spend some time checking out the "Lessons" information on this site if you havent already... and do what you can to educate yourself on your new condition;  and of course take your meds and try not to get too stressed out.  You'll be ok.  Once the meds start doing their thing and you've adjusted to any side effects you might encounter you'll probably/hopefully find yourself feeling better than you have in a long time.  I certainly hadn't realized just how crappy I was feeling prior to starting treatment... it's eye-opening for sure.

You've definitely found a great resource in these forums though - there are a lot of very knowledgable, friendly, and supportive folks here.

Hope you're doing well, and welcome to the forums.

Welcome Greg.  Sorry you need to find us but we're all here to help and support each other.

There are many of us who were down to single digit CD4s and VL's in the millions and are now thriving. 

Take care and best wishes.



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