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I must say I really like these new forums.  I to find the font difficult to read with my vision problems but I'm learning to adjust.  I also can't copy and paste from the forums to my text to speech program like I used to but again I'm adjusting.  It may take me longer to read through most of the threads but if I've learned anything is last year it's how did the patient :)

The choice of Smiley faces are great but I miss the roses, gift, etc. there are still so many bells and whistles that I haven't figured out but I'm sure I will in time :)


Hi Jeff,

Regarding not being able to cut and paste into your speech program, try hitting the PRINT button that appears in the upper right hand corner of the beginning of each thread. (thread, not post...) It will open a new window in a plain format and you might be able to cut and paste from there.

Hope that helps! ;)

(who also misses the roses and the wine glass too. Ah, the days of wine and roses!)


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