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developing bipolar with hiv?

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--- Quote from: mecch on December 18, 2012, 05:15:22 PM ---Do you have access to psychologist or psychiatrist who can evaluate you, using professional criteria?  I think these conditions as well as these diagnosis are very technical and nuanced.

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i agree.
i am seeing a psychiatrist but have yet to bring this up.
also, i believe at the time of my original post i was probably dealing more with depression.
the correlation between hiv and bipolar does have some merit in any case and i would encourage anyone that believes that it may be an issue to seek professional help.
it was a big step for me to seek help but it has given me more stability in my daily life.

Well by all means discuss such fears or suspicions with your therapist.  Its ok to wander into self-diagnosis but we aren't trained to understand these things. A few times I have asked my therapist about this suspected issue or that one.  Sometimes the answer is a flat out "no, not at all", and a clarification.  A few times I have nailed something as yet un-addressed, and that has been good. 


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