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new drug--Stribild


My boyfriends new ID has decided to take him off truvada/norvir/prezista and put him on stribild. Clearly, it sounds like a miracle and my boyfriends personal dream on earth to only take one HIV pill/day.

My only concern is after doing some general research, I see that it was initially approved for treatment-naive individuals and my boyfriend is definitely NOT treatment-naive. Has anyone else's doctors put them on stribild as another option for therapy? Also, maybe i have not paid too much attention to prezista/norvir/truvada's side effects, but reading stribild's side effects are terrible. Does anyone have any experience on the drug?

That fact that your boyfriend is not treatment naive should not be an issue.  What matters is the resistance profile.  Many HIV drugs are initially approved for treatment naive first and expanded later.

From my understand the side effects are minor for Stribild.  Where are you seeing that the side effects are "terrible?"  Everything I have seen is that they are minor.

Side note his doctor should monitor his kidneys while on Stribild.


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