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--- Quote from: buginme2 on October 18, 2012, 04:57:25 PM ---Data for what?  Data for curing someone? Data for improving anyone's outcome? I think not.  Just because something looks promising?  If you are going to hold one company to a certain set of standards you really should hold them all to it.

--- End quote ---

Mainly data about the lowering of viral load in patients under several trials. Until now, no one was "cured" (eradicated), but only the eventuality to use ART every several years (hypothetically, never), it's a pretty improvement from the current situation.

Even in this forum there are reported several trials. Look at it.

Nasty Weather:
I wrote to Koronis inquiring about KP1461, they replied with:

Thank you for your interest in Koronis Pharma. As you may know, Koronis'
drug-KP-1461-is based on an entirely novel drug mechanism - Viral Decay
Acceleration(tm) (VDA). The results of the Phase 2a "201" trial were
published in 2011 in PLoS One (see here:

This paper concludes
that KP-1461 causes a statistically significant increase in the number
of mutations that occur in the viral genome during viral replication. We
believe that the fitness of the virus is diminished by these extra
mutations and that a steady decrease in viral fitness will eventually
lead to decreased viral load.

 In three earlier in vitro studies we have
observed that the progressive accumulation of mutations in the viral
genome eventually extinguishes the viral population.

Koronis has designed a second Phase 2 trial and is seeking a significant
development partner in order to proceed with late-stage development of
the compound.

Additional funding would be necessary to support
initiation of Phase 3 trials. As you may be aware, today's approved
drugs have been shown to be very effective in suppressing viral
replication when patient compliance is high but that none of these drugs
has the potential for viral eradication.

 Moreover, these drugs cost a
great deal of money and require chronic/life-long administration;

leaving an unmet medical need associated with achieving a sustained
virologic response (SVR) and/or functional cure. We believe that VDA's
distinctive mechanism has the potential to introduce eradication and a
sustained virologic response as additional therapeutic outcomes.

If you have not viewed there is an interesting 4-minute long Adobe flash
presentation that introduces the drug mechanism and explains the
implications and can be viewed by clicking on this link (please make
sure your volume is on): . Additional videos can
be seen at .

We are pleased to share this information with you and thank you for your
interest in Koronis.
 I dont think this is anything new

thanks Nasty Weather,
anyway, even with this answer, I still don't understand how to get rid of proviruses, the cells with viral genome already transcripted.
The future generations of viruses can have too many mutations to futher replications, but for reservoirs with the original viral DNA already inserted (before any mutation), the damage is done.

In order to understand the potential of this approach as functional-adjuvant therapy (even without eradication), it could be very interesting to have the opinon of  indipendent researches (or almost-indipendent, not employees of Koronis Pharma), so I'd like to have access to the full article of:

Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of KP-1461 as Monotherapy for 124 Days in Antiretroviral-Experienced, HIV Type 1-Infected Subjects.

It is a very recent study on KP-1461 as antiretroviral. The preview is available on NCBI :

Can someone have the access of the full article?
At least, to the conclusion.


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