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the obstacle race of insurance as an HIV + international student

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sounds quite strange that you didn't get insurance in Germany. Everybody gets insurance here; the public companies have to accept everybody under german law. It is your civil right.

Call the AOK (, they have to give You an insurance.


Quote from AOK:"If you cannot be insured through your family, you must take out your own insurance. All statutory health insurance companies, included the AOK, offer a Student Health Insurance policy at especially attractive rates. At present the monthly insurance contribution amounts 64,77 EUR. An additional 11,64 EUR (13,13 EUR for students older than 23 years without own children) is due for the statutory nursing care insurance.

With the AOK Student Health Insurance you can be sure of getting excellent medical care. Your insurance takes effect from the day you enrol or re-register at a college or university and remains valid until the completion of the 14th semester - or until you are 30 years old. Exceptions are possible, however, if an extension is justified for family or other important personal reasons, for instance serious illness or the birth of a child.

Students from countries with which Germany has a Social Security Agreement including an insurance clause may remain insured in their home country. In this case, all you need to do is present your insurance certificate (European Health Insurance Card: EHIC) from home to your local AOK office. We will take care of the rest.
Please contact the Foreign Student Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) for more information. "

thank you for the information! I will try that insurance company.

I guess there aren't many international students on the forum, because there weren't replies of people telling their stories of being students with HIV in another country.

I know that in the general view of things my problem isn't existant. I have automatic health care in my country.

Thank you all for replying to my post and your thoughts.

Hi urovoro,

I am planning to attend university in Germany and knowing the insurance requirement there, I am a bit worry now. I am over 30 years old and if I'm not mistaken, I am not eligible for public insurance (which I believe can't refuse you) and can only go private.

Mind telling the name of the company you managed to get the insurance from?


I'm sure You find a good public insurance. I like the and

here you have a list of all public:

and the private Companies (mostly quite expensive):

goog luck

Hi urovoro, i am planning to go study to germany too. Do you mind if i get in touch with you so I can ask you some questions? Im from El Salvador


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