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the obstacle race of insurance as an HIV + international student

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I have been denied coverage by two companies while I am an international student in Germany. I have been here a month and am getting a bit worried because I have not been very good with my pill regiment and I have a cold that isnt going away. I am supposed to stay for another 4 months. Yet in order to stay with a student visa I must have insurance!

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation, trying to get insurance outside your home country as an international student? Did you resolve it?

I was also here in 2011 when I was diagnosed with HIV and hospitalized for a month because they thought I might have peripheral neuropathy (which luckily I don't). This hospitalization seems to made me a persona non grata in the insurance business.

Does all this prove that life after HIV will never be the same? Will my education and career prospects be limited from now on? All this has got me depressed, and I am angry and want to fight these obstacles!

Hi urovoro,

Just to clarify, you're attending school in Germany currently. Is that correct? Also, what country do you call home?

I'm not sure I can help but a little more information would help me to know better who I might ask some questions of.

I know that sometimes it is easier said than done, but try not to get down. Look at it as a temporary bump in the road that you need to overcome and focus on your classes. Fulfilling your education will go a lot farther opening doors for you in the long run in relation to your employment and health.

Surprised that German companies can turn down someone with pre-existing conditions!  In Switzerland, all companies must offer the basic policy to anyone. 

Don't let this German situation, if unresolvable, curtail your education plans.  Plan ahead and find the country that is going to offer you the insurance.

Hi, I was able to get insurance now from another company, but it states very clearly not for pre-existing conditions. My school administrator jokingly said: not if you already come with cancer. I could sue him for his stupid jokes (which I dont get), but maybe its cultural.

To answer your question, my passport is Canadian, though I haven't called Canada home in a while. I also wanted to to apply for my PhD next year in either the US or Germany... But looking at this insurance business, I am not sure how about it anymore. Canada also does not provide medication for citizens who live outside the country, and as you all know medication is super expensive.

Anyone have any advice for getting insurance as an international student in the US? I guess I might have to find a PhD close enough to the Canadian border so that I can manage being in two countries at once.

If you are Canadian, and Canada has socialised medicine, what's keeping you from doing your PHD at a Canadian University.


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