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Delayed Seroconversion Symptoms?


I got treated at a hospital in Doha, Qatar on June 29th of this year and received injections as well as having a blood draw done from my left hand. (It's been rumoured and recently made known to me that they *may* reuse needles and although it's only a small group, there are people living here with HIV/AIDS.)

About a week and a half after the hospital visit, I started to develop this horrendous tingling and aching in both arms (and less severe in both legs), which took around a month to subside. I also have a lymph node in my lower left arm (Epitrocheal?) that's been swollen since the arm problem started and it still hasn't gone down.

As of mid September I now have a seriously hard, swollen lymph node thats erupted under my right trapezius muscle at the base of my neck where it meets the shoulder - a typical early symptom of HIV. It doesn't hurt when touched or pressed, but I feel weird sensations on that side of my neck that go up the gland line toward the base of my skull. I have a reoccuring headaches on the right side of my head as well. I've often been quite tired since all of this started back in June, with other more recent symptoms like scalp acne, a patch of seborrheic dermatitis on the top of my head near the front hairline, geographic tongue, etc (Since Mid September as well). I haven't had any sign of fever or rash though.

I've read that peripheral neuropathy is common in late HIV, not so much during seroconversion but it *can* happen... Could that have been a single presenting symptom in my case if I did in fact go through seroconversion? And if it could be, wouldn't the lymph nodes swell at around the same time instead of three months later? Or could seroconversion come later than a few weeks after exposure? And don't the lymph nodes eventually go down after seroconversion is complete?

I do plan to get an HIV test as soon as I touch down in Canada this coming week but for now, any insight would be appreciated.

Much love.  :)

Andy Velez:
Bama, "rumours" are a really good way to get really bad misinformation. There is nothing in anyway HIV specific about any of the symptoms you are having at the moment.

In addition to having an HIV test essentially just for your peace of mind, discuss your symptoms with your doctor. There are so many things which can cause what you have described. We cannot diagnose anything in this setting. I will say that there is no sound reason to believe HIV is an issue in your situation.

Good luck with getting the real cause of your symptoms sorted out. 


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