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Switch from Kivexa/Atazanvir/Norvir to Eviplera

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Hey this is probably a really stupid question but I've switched my meds this evening and I didn't ask my doctor the most basic question,

Do you just stop taking your old meds and start with the new?

You don't take both for a few days do you?


Stop one, start the other, like swapping an old car for a new one.

Good luck with the new med.

- matt

Hey thanks Matt,

I thought as much!


Hi, did you feel any difference after your switch ? I had same medication as you during 2 years, then switched to Eviplera too. 3 days after, I started feeling normal again, it was great ! Indeed, I had gradually got accustomed to what  I know now were side effects that I attributed to depressive mood, or aging (although Iím only 41yo) : lack of energy, pressing bowel movements, depressive thoughts.

Hi Ron,

The first 3/4 days or so I woke up feeling very groggy but that did seem to pass.

I def feel better in general, although I am a bit more tired.

But overall I think it's a good switch thus far...only been a couple of weeks :-)

I switched to taking it with my lunch which I think helped too.

You still feeling good I hope??


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