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Viral load question

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--- Quote from: songs06 on October 12, 2012, 04:03:24 PM ---hello again,
i am on kaletra and truvada for like 3 months now. i think it is quite effective treatment, well with lots of side effects but i manage to live ok.

my question is, in first month of usage, my VL went down 150.000 to 3000. it was a success. but after that i used 2 more months and after total 3 months treatment my VL now went 3000 to 700. i heard we can expect to see get VL to down %10 every month while in treatment. and i was disappointed to see 700. i was expecting to see something like 300 or 100.

so does it mean my treatment is ineffective or i started to get resistance? i mean it is still gets down but now slower. i only forgot twice to take my meds on time. (and took them like 4 hours late but i took them.) i thought it is quit ok but i started to think maybe it cause some kind of resistance if my drug level got down.

so in short: i am kind of nervous about getting resistance with this regimen. (because i have only 2 combo options in turkey)

you can see all my labs in my signature, and i don't know my new cd4s yet.


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looks like your viral load is going down great and responding very well to the drugs. The third test is a positive decrease. It may take 6 months to a year to get to the undetectable level. I think your numbers would show your body is responding very positivly to the medication.  I would be happy with the results if I was you.

yep 6th month result: cd4:650 vl:20! i am very happy to be UD finally. from millions to just 20!


--- Quote from: songs06 on January 14, 2013, 05:43:22 PM ---i am very happy to be UD finally. from millions to just 20!

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awesome news!!!

awesome! great progress!  ;D

thanks everyone on this site, for you infinite help. :) i celebrated wtih some good coffee and a great dinner yesterday evening. i hope it will go smoother from now on.


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