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hello again,
i am on kaletra and truvada for like 3 months now. i think it is quite effective treatment, well with lots of side effects but i manage to live ok.

my question is, in first month of usage, my VL went down 150.000 to 3000. it was a success. but after that i used 2 more months and after total 3 months treatment my VL now went 3000 to 700. i heard we can expect to see get VL to down %10 every month while in treatment. and i was disappointed to see 700. i was expecting to see something like 300 or 100.

so does it mean my treatment is ineffective or i started to get resistance? i mean it is still gets down but now slower. i only forgot twice to take my meds on time. (and took them like 4 hours late but i took them.) i thought it is quit ok but i started to think maybe it cause some kind of resistance if my drug level got down.

so in short: i am kind of nervous about getting resistance with this regimen. (because i have only 2 combo options in turkey)

you can see all my labs in my signature, and i don't know my new cd4s yet.


my ID appointment is on 18th, so is there really no one who could say something about this topic? i am thinking about this a lot, and afraid of resistance.

Hey you can look around the internet on VL graph after taking ARV, the reduction it not linear. The virus decrease very fast in the beginning but slower when it get very low before going UD. SO don't worry, wait until you take ARV for 6 months u should be UD by then.  Hey you initial VL is high so it going to take a while to get UD.

Hang on there.

If you have question talk to your doctor next time you visit him/her.  I doubt you developing resistance to Kaletra.

studies have shown that it takes less than >95% adherence to begin to have inadequate treatment. Taking doses late is still 100% adherence.

according to your signature line, your viral load decrease looks to be:
07/01 150.000
08/04 3800
09/03 709

that is not only a huge decrease, but an excellent decrease - and in only 3 months! One thing you'll find out about HIV is that it affects everyone slightly different. To "expect" a steady percentage in decrease is just crazy. Stats like 10 yrs from HIV infection to AIDS or 10% decrease per month in VL are all just generalizations.

You should also keep in mind that your specific case probably won't always match all the reported generalizations because you began meds at the very beginning of your infection instead of waiting for the viral load to complete it's natural fall. (if you need more information to understand the general pattern/time-table of HIV infection, please see this previous post of mine)

If you haven't gotten to undetectable within 6 months to 1 year - then worry. Until then you've got great numbers and being nervous is a waste of your time.  ;)

thanks both of you. my cd4 count came 510 which is my highest nubmer to date. i think i should wait couple of months before getting nervous :)


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