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Thinking of moving to Tucson. Is there good low income help there?


i moved from tx back home to new mexico two years ago to be closer to the family, but its time to move again. im wondering if anyone knows anything about AZ state coverage. in texas there was 1 day a week anyone could see the doctor, he would only talk about hiv related, and it had to be planned weeks in advance, no emergency care. they did do help in housing for low income individuals but there were LOTS  of hoops and not as much help as i needed. then i moved to new mexico. FREAKIN AWESOME HELP HERE BTW!!! housing help, the pay for blue cross so im pretty much covered for anything and go to the doctor i want. and the housing help is very helpful!!! i would be lost without them. im wanting to move to AZ, (being so close to family while being "out" is too stressful for me) but its not worth it if its as bad there as it was in tx. anyone got any knowledge on the issue. thanks lots of love and even more hugs --- mike


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