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2 weeks since diagnosis, thought I'd say hello

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Welcome to the forums!  :D

Hmm... well, my brain is basically a colander after all these years with HIV, so if there's been additional brain blurring, I'm likely too far gone to really notice. One thing Isentress does, though, is give me insomnia. Sadly, the best remedy for that also contributes to the overall fog. Eh, whatever.

And good to remember that holidays are hard. I'd go so far as to call them awful. I stuff my pockets with Klonopin just to get through. Luckily I've got friends, family members I actually like, and places like this forum.

thanks drewm!

jk, you have gained another potential ear here if you need it!

Quick update - spoke to the clinic today and she said my resistance test results look "really good" - so I may be able to change to atripla or something in a few weeks/months... that's the good news.

The not as good news is that I do have a HepB viral load, she wouldn't really just say what it was so i'm guessing it must be a big number.  At least the Truvada is dealing with that at the same time.

Today is day 14 of meds and i'm feeling so much better than i was a week ago, sleeplessness again last night but I finally fell asleep... i'll either take the pills earlier or switch to mornings if i can function through the weird headrush type effects (or better, if they go away).  Or maybe i'll ask for something to help me sleep, hate to take yet another pill though!

It's great to hear that the meds are making you feel better! Well, it's terrific that you are feeling more energized no matter why :)

I have tried lots of stuff for the sleep issues over the years. Most of the stuff that works also puts me in brain fog the next day. Apparently you don't just "shake off" some of that stuff when the alarm clock goes off. Honestly I have only found one thing that works, and I'm eerily refreshed when I wake up. It is, however, not legal in many states, gives me the munchies, and rhymes with "hare-a-wanna."

Good thing I already appreciate classic rock.

BTW, Atripla is well documented to cause that brain fog, and sometimes worse. I know there's a real convenience dealing with one pill a day, but maybe Complera would be a good fit as well? I'm fairly certain that in the years to come dosing is about to get a whole lot easier, what with several combined therapies in the pipeline. There's even a study going on with twice-monthly infusion therapy for those with an undetectable viral load, which might someday take the place of daily dose therapy altogether.

But that's years in the future I think. Regardless, you seem to be doing pretty great. It's refreshing and just a teensy bit rare to encounter that on this part of the forum :)


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