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latest results... disease progression? :-[

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well thanks meech, and Miss P for the insight... this helps change my perspective on things. I have a brighter outlook now. and thanks everyone else for your kind words as well. I hope to live to a "ripe old age" as my doctor calls it.

and newt, you are so right... I had to shake out of that

well, I went to the doctor today... it turns out that I have athletes foot, and somehow contaminated my genitals with the athletes foot fungus.... So that explains the weird spots on my ****!

Now as for the spots on other parts of my body, he says it's nothing but a heat rash. He [prescribed me an oral anti fungal for the penis area, and a cream for the feet.

He also says he wants to measure my liver enzymes while on the anti-fungal. I'm not on ARVs yet. I expect to start those in January! Wish me luck.

Thanks again everyone for the input.


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