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Hi, guys.  I'm on Day 13 of my first-ever drug treatment (Truvada+Isentress), and everything was rolling along beautifully until 3 days ago, when my fingers started tingling.  They're not in pain (it's not quite pins and needles); it just feels like a slight electric current is running through my fingertips.  From yesterday, they've been tingling non-stop.  I've had a few tingles through my feet that were actually slightly more painful, but that's happened only a few times, and they don't last more than a few seconds.

I used the Search feature on this forum, and I got to read all about peripheral neuropathy, which I must admit caused me a whole lot of concern.  So if anyone has any anecdotes or info about what I may be going through, I'd really appreciate it.  Basically, I'm curious if PN would strike so early on, or if the tingling could just be a temporary part of getting used to the drug therapy.  As of now, the tingling's not that big of a deal (hey, I'd take this any day over letting the virus run unchecked), but I'm afraid it may get worse and worse until it turns to full-on pain.

Hi there. Sorry about your problem. Can you provide any details on your cd4/VL numbers and how long you have been confirmed poz?  im going thru similar issues so definitely need to discuss witg your doctor

Sure, CD4 was 297, VL was 8493.  I tested positive in June, and I know I was infected in the last 3-4 years as I had tested negative before.  As of now, it's more of an annoyance that a major problem.  I don't get any headaches, I sleep fine, and I think my energy level is already going up.  This tingling isn't a big deal as of now; I'm just afraid of it getting worse and worse. :(

Dropped in for a quick update.  The tingling stopped after 3-4 days and hasn't come back since.  I haven't noticed any other side effects, and I'm definitely feeling stronger and "sturdier" than I did a few months ago when I felt just so fragile.  I'm busy with work, but I love what I do, and I'm actually quite happy with my life, HIV be damned.  So all of you who just got diagnosed, keep your heads up, it CAN get better!


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