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Fast and Irregular Heart Beats.


In my 2D Echo test Impression.
Mitral Valve Prolapse, Trival Mitral Valve Regurgitation, Pericardial Effussion,
These are any serious conditions?.
I put on Metoprolol Succinate and ivabradine for 15 days. Do I need any surgery for this.



Hi Bunny,
I have mitral and tricuspid valve prolapse and take the same med, Metoprolol, you do.  I have not needed surgery, and I was diagnosed with this over 30 years ago.  The medication evened out the fluttering heart beat, and hopefully the meds will help you also.

I'm not saying you never need surgery for this; I've known a couple people who have.  But I wouldn't be overly concerned.  I know that's easier said than done-after all, it's the heart that's involved.  But, if your doctor thinks medication will help, than I wouldn't get too worried about having to have surgery at this point.

Of course it could change, but as long as you and your doctor keep things looked after, it shouldn't cause too many problems.  Good luck with the meds!


Edited to add: I just reminded myself you said you have pericardial effusion.  I am not familiar with that, so maybe someone else who is will chime in. 

Mitral Valve prolapse is quite common (I have it), and mostly a benign issue, though your doctor should make this determination.  I also have some minor regurgitation on the mitral valve. You need to stay well hydrated with valve prolapse so the valves can stay nice and "workable", so be sure you are drinking plenty of water.

I'm not familiar with the effusion condition you cite.

I am on Metroprolol not for the above issues, but for Premature Atrial Contractions which are like extra heart beats. The Metro slows down the beats and totally erases the extra contractions. Metro, for me, is easy to take and well tolerated.

As Betty says, I wouldnt get too worked up over surgery if your Doc doesn't deem it necessary. Just listen to doc and heed his orders and you should be fine.


Thanks WillyWump,Betty,

Today I am visited to cardiologist.
My heart beats are quite fast (129) with irregular basis when resting position.
one more drug added Ivabradine - 5 mg.
ECG shows some abnormalities.


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