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St Ives:
You both must have a presciption from a regular thai hospital for atripla etc and then have it filled at the red cross clinic. Their current price is 2.500 baht per 1 month's supply.    You can get a yearly script if you ask for one and collect a maximum of 2 months meds from the clinic per prescription every 2 months.  You cannot get meds for 2 people with one prescription; you'll need 2 seperate ones. You both also need to register at the clinic in person,  (if indeed there are 2 of you). They don't ask for your name, only your initials.
Blood work at the clinic is very reasonable. cd4 results in 24 hrs, vl results in 7 days. these results can be e- mailed to you if requested.
By the way, the consultation fee at the regular hospital is around 1500 baht per patient. If your condition is stable you only need to see an ID doc twice a year.
To recap. If you're working outside bangkok, on your day off go to a hospital, get a years prescription, get 2 months supply at the clinic and return home. You can do this in about 4 hours.  Not bad eh? Time for a cold one and some somtam before you get back on the bus...!

Matt Butler:
^ St Ives, Thank you very much for your detailed and informative response above. It was most helpful.

Best regards.

St Ives:
Glad I could be of some help. Good luck.


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