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One year down and now high cholesterol....

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Thanks again for all the comments/advice.  Dealing with all these things are pretty new to me. 

Ann - Thanks!  It is a bummer to be poz but I think I have moved on from that ;)  From where I was and where I am now things couldn't be much better. 

Well I am glad there are some more Dead Heads on this page!  I have been on the fringe over the past year and just reading and learning and listening to people.  It is nice to be out of the closet so to speak  :P Not sure where I would be without my music! 

Thanks again.  I appreciate hearing everyones advice and personal experiences. 

I have had a similar experience as you have had.  After I started meds (Atripla) I immediately gained quite a bit of weight.  Probably 15-20 pounds in just 2-3 months or so (which is quite a bit for me).  My eating habits had not changed an I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, I attributed it to the Atripla and to regaining some measure of health.

My cholesterol levels increased, very similarly to yours.  In fact my last total cholesterol was about 213 if I remember correctly.   

Long discussion with the doctor about it.  Long story short, yes Atripla causes increases in weight and cholesterol.  But in the end of the day, so what?  What's the alternative?  Solution, eat better, exercise more, lose weight, try harder.  It's a bitch.

Bug - agree.  As I was struggling to regain a basic level of health I wasnt worried to much and just let it get out of countrol - Stress, anxiety and everything with being newly diagnosed didnt help either I suppose. 

Bottom line, HIV or not, if you eat unhealthy and dont exercise health issues are bound to arise. 

I even saw this coming and didnt slow the train down.  I remember reading older posts warning against it....oh well, live and learn.  One more day I find myself alive.....

I've been on Atripla for over 4 years now.  4 months ago my doc was concerned that my 'bad' cholestoral and trigylcerides were too high, and my 'good' cholestoral was too low. I was also a good 40 pounds overweight.

I attacked it ALL through diet (I had no time for exercise, and no money for supplements or vitamins).  I changed my diest to about 80% vegetables (almost always sautéed in Olive oil), with fish, or, sometime skinless chicken breasts every day.

NO fried food.  NO Oils other than Olive oil and natural oils in fish.  NO red meat (except a tiny bit maybe once a month).  NO JUNK food.

Had my 4 month check up, and lab tests were eye-popping: total cholestoral under 100, bad cholestoral and trigylcerides were halved, and good cholestoral went from 21 to 49.   Go for a good diet, religiously!


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