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One year down and now high cholesterol....

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Well it was my one year anniversary this past week.  It was a pretty challenging year but made it through.  The rollercoaster of emotions that I went through were definitly the most challenging.  I think I have somewhat made it through all of that and things seem to be going good. 

I had my latest labs and things are holding steady.  Only issue now is my Cholesterol is on the high side.  I know that the Atripla does not help with that but my diet hasn't helped either.  I put on about 80 pounds since starting meds last November.  Now I needed to put some back on but should have stopped about 20-30 pounds ago :) 

My doc wants to look at this again in 3 months and in the meantime wants me to concentrate on my dieat which I had already started doing anyway.  If things dont improve he wants to put me on medication for the cholesterol. I did bring up possibly getting off the Atripla too but he would prefer not to switch but did not rule it out either.  Basically left it as that we will look at it agian in 3 months and go from there.  Here are my Cholestrol numbers:

Cholesterol  213
Triglycerides 441
HDL  27
LDL  114

Anyone have any thoughts/advice?

Thanks and hope everyone is well. 

You need to try adding a daily fish oil to your regimine, your doctor should have suggested this. Give it a try and see if it helps, it would beat adding more drugs to your system.


I take Krill oil. Smaller pill, no nasty fish burps.

I had a similar experience.  I already had a history of high cholesterol.  My first doctor was was not great.  Which is a different discussion all together.  But when I decided it was time to go on meds, I switched doctors.  I was first put on Atripla, which turned out to be a nightmare for me.  I knew there would be side effects and initially gave myself 2 weeks to get used to taking it.  But I barely lasted that long.  I barely got any sleep cause my nightmares we so bad and it made me so edgy.  On top of that my cholesterol shot up to over 200.  My doctor then switched me to Isentress and Truvada which didn't help my cholesterol, which shot up as high as over 300.  My doctor added fenofibrate and lipitor as well as 2000 mg of fish oil per day.  My last labs showed my cholesterol at 187, VL undetectable and CD4 at 700. 

Hope this helps.

Triglycerides is an unfortunate side affect of Atripla sometimes. I am on Trilipix and they are now under control.

Congrats on your labs though. Pretty decent!  ;)


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