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Hey all,
Recently i was in Thailand for the full moon party on koh phanagen had the best night of my life , I met a nice french girl we hooked up went home and had unprotected sex all day basically. Then when it came time for her to go home she left then it hit me i only new her first name , age , job and what area in franch shes from roughly. Now im waiting on a blood test atm if i do come back hiv + how the hell can i find her coz she needs to no that shes also hiv positive before she passes it on any further ?? ive tryed facebook no luck its fuked !
Thanks everyone

Andy Velez:
Your Frenchwoman is an adult and is responsible for her own health. As are you.

HIV is harder to transmit from woman to man than it is to transmit from man to woman. And this was a single incident. Those are factors in your favor against becoming infected from this incident.

You need to test at 3 months for a conclusive negative result. You can test initially at 6 weeks. If you get a negative at that point then it is likely you will continue to test negative.

It's important that you learn from this experience. You can have all the intercourse you want to and with anyone regardless of their HIV status. But you need to always do it the safer way. That means using a condom everytime. No exceptions.

Never mind about looking for the woman. You were both behaving irresponsibily to be having intercourse without a condom.

Good luck with your test results.

i agree, what exactly are my chances . given that my penis has no cuts on it , she obviously is sexually active shes 23 . im hiv - before this 100% got tested b4 i left . im only concerned coz she never mentioned a condom once nor did she seem to care meaning she could very well b like this all the time !

NO IDEA what her status is obviously but she made it clear she loves sex , its been 10 days now and i feel like shit

Not sure what to tell you here. Neither symptoms nor lack of symptoms can indicate your HIV status. Only time would allow your body to produce antibodies.

A test at six weeks after the incident will be a terrific indicator, but a three month test result remains the "gold standard."

Just gotta find a way to hang in there.


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