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Son seeing Mental Health Councillor ?

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In desperate need of some answers?

My son broke down last week to our family and admitted he had an encounter with a sex worker when he went to the World Cup this Summer, he has been seeing a mental health councillor for three weeks due to his obsession over this incident and he is also been prescribed anti-depressants. He told me about this web-site which I believe he has been banned from, (I have just read his postings). I have some questions as at 53 years of age I am not familiar with the HIV virus.

I spoke to his friend last night to get the full story, apparently he was in the same room on the night in question and they both had unprotected sex with the same woman, (my son is not fully aware of this and I think best that he is not).

His friend tested negative last week, but did pick up some other STD, which I believe he has been treated for.

Lingering obsession my son has is with a rash he obtained while on holiday, he thought it was due to bites, but his doctor has confirmed its either a viral infection, (does he mean HIV?) or possibly a reaction to a bite / something he ate. I am not a doctor but must admit it does not look like bites to me and it is very generalised, (both sides of his back / arms and legs and feet).

From the Welcome thread I understand all than less than 1% will show a positive test at three months, and believe my son has been tested out to fourteen weeks. All his tests came back NEGATIVE - so for me this is a great relief - coupled with the fact that I understand symptoms are not a reliable indicator of infection do we need to worry about having a son with HIV?

Other problem I have is knowing he has not told his wife and he had admitted to having sex with her again since the incident, she is very close to us and I could not bear the thought of something happening to her, at the same time we do not want to wreck their marriage.

Thanks to whoever replies, (a worried Dad).

P.S. I would appreciate that no matter what my son is not given access to this site again.

Sorry my wife just pointed out to me I made no reference to who my son is, he is called Simon and his postings where under the acronym fivecantonas.

Hi WF,

I knew who you were talking about as soon as I began reading your first post. Your son is hiv negative. There's no doubt in my mind about that.

The only other STI I can think of that might cause a rash is syphilis. Has he been tested for that? Otherwise, get him to keep working with his doctor to get to the bottom of this rash. Whatever is going on, it's not about hiv.



Firstly thanks for the support you TRIED to give my son - I would like to apologise if his erratic behaviour has caused you any frustration, (but trust me when I say this he is a good person).

I cannot understand why he will not accept his test results, he has always been quite an obsessive kind of guy and we are hoping the councilling will resolve everything over the coming weeks.

To be honest the rash he has is fading by the day and to our knowledge he has been well apart from this. I know he had a Syphilis test at fourteen weeks which he is awaiting the results for and had a HIV test at fourteen weeks which was NEGATIVE. I have a slip of paper from the GUM clinic that states "HIV1 / HIV2 / P24 Antigen NOT detected".

We have spoken to a few helplines here in the UK, (THT & National HIV helpline) and they say to their knowledge there are no documented cases in the last ten years of people testing NEGATIVE at three months and later testing positive from the same incident.

Unfortunately my son has managed to convince my wife this rash is the start of him turning from HIV negative to HIV positvie.

My son wants me to take him to London next week for a viral load test, (which I believe looks for the virus itself) its quite expensive but if it will help him to get over this then I think it is worth it.

Do you know much about these tests? To date from what my son has told me he has had seven HIV tests, so I really am not sure what good another one will do?

Thanks, Ronald.

Hi Ronald,

We don't recommend PCR testing - those tests have a high rate of FALSE positives and you don't want him to chance getting one of those.

The thing is, ANY PCR test result must be confirmed with the type of test (antibody) your son has already had. It is NOT a stand-alone test. Your son is already conclusively hiv negative and there is absolutely no reason to use PCR testing. It has too much potential to cause more problems.

Make sure he picks up that syphilis result. This will also be a conclusive result as syphilis shares a three month window period with hiv.

Unfortunately, your son is not alone in his hiv obsession. We see it all the time here. I'm glad to see that you are being supportive and looking for information to help in your endeavour.

The bottom line here is that your son is hiv negative, period, end of story.



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