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My mom just told me she has HIV


Hi, yesterday my mom was on the phone crying Because she was under depression she lives in Minnesota and i live in Florida (I'm 15) the conversation on the phone was nothing about HIV it was about her not seeing me for the last year and argument with her BF when she was crying she admitted that she got infected with HIV and i started tearing up to. Te reason she did not tell me for 2 years is because i worry way to much about her and my sisters don't so i understand that part. I did not get too much into her health but now I'm scared i can loose her, by the way she got right on medication when she was infected taking a HIV pill everyday. What hurt me the most is her asking me if i felt different about her or if i was going to push her away and i told her i would never. Now i just cannot keep it out of my head i love her so much i don't want to loose her and i know i can it hurts me to write all of this. I know its a virus not a disease and i know it eventually will lead to AIDS right? I just want to know how i can over come this. :'(

Hi Anthony

Glad you found this site,but sorry you're here.

Your mom did what she thought best and waited to tell you...respect her decision as she seems to know that you are sensitive.

HIV does not always lead to AIDS. I want to suggest that you take a look at the bar closer to the top of this page and read about HIV and treatment.

The good news is that she is seeing a doctor and is taking medication.

Now is a good time for you to read and try not to worry...okay?

She told you at a good time in your life. I'm sure she wants you to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases. Parents often share their own stories when they hope it will make a difference in their kids' lives.

She waited until you were a little older and more mature before she shared her big life change.

You definitely need some time to process your concerns and learn about the virus,but don't dwell on it.

Your mom's lucky to have a loving son.


What is the probabilty of her living a good healthy life, taking HIV pills everyday and thank you so much for the first reply i really appreciate it


--- Quote from: Anthonyvelazquez on October 07, 2012, 02:02:47 AM ---What is the probabilty of her living a good healthy life, taking HIV pills everyday and thank you so much for the first reply i really appreciate it

--- End quote ---

There is every chance that she will never progress to AIDS, never get sick from HIV, and certainly not die from it. Not that living with HIV is uncomplicated. Not that the meds alone don't have issues, some of them long term, some of them quite vicious.

But those are stories for another day. Public perception/stigma are you mom's greatest foes right now. I urge you to read up on HIV. This site is a great place to start.

Your mom's journey with HIV is WAY different than the journeys undertaken twenty, ten, even five years ago. Please take advantage of this site's LESSONS sections in treatment and the like. You will find them enlightening.

BTW I have had HIV since 1993. AIDS since 1994. And I am not only still alive, I am trying to arrange another skydive this fall in between the haunted houses and the corn mazes and the apple picking.

My point is, HIV does not necessarily mean a progression to AIDS. And even that progression does not necessarily mean sickness and death. This is a different time, and what she really needs is someone in her corner :)


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