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Hi all!

I really need some advices.
I had unprotected sex couple months ago with a girl who probably knows about her status and now here I am having fever and tested pos. I assume she knows about this because at the morning she talked something about a medication then I asked what that is and she just started speaking about something else.

Before her I was always tested neg. And before her I didnt have sex for 2 years.

So the problem is that she didnt tell me her status. I probably can reach her by her phone and meet her. But I dont know her address.

What should and can I do know ?

I am going to skip the personal side of this and how it makes you feel, what you need to focus on right now is you.  I have been poz for 18 years, almost half of my life.  I waited to long to start getting regular medical treatment till I was almost .....  Find a Health care specialist that you like, this relationship is far more important than hers.  Learn about your illness and what changes will need to happen to your lifestyle and you can live to be a Jolly Old Elf (just an expression).  There are many many many questions that even I still have daily.  Primarily I focus on being positive, don't think your in this alone. 

Live Long and Prosper- sorry could not helpit.

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to the original poster: Have you been tested? A test at this point would be pretty accurate, however only a test at three months is considered definitive.

Of course I don't have to remind you to ALWAYS wear a condom for penetrative sex until such time as you are in an exclusively monogamous relationship AND have both tested reliably negative for HIV.

Andy Velez:
Synergy, as JK has correctly pointed out, only those who are authorized to do so may respond in other member threads. You do not have that authorization and should not be commenting in the threads of other members in this section.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Andy Velez:
New, you need to get tested at 3 months after the most recent risk to determine your HIV status. HIV is significantly more difficult to transmit from female to male than the other way around. And given that it was a single incident of unprotected intercourse the odds are in your favor that you will test negative.

There is nothing HIV specific about your symptoms. If they continue you should discuss them with your doctor.

In terms of HIV risk sexually, all you have to do to properly protect yourself in the future is to always without any exceptions wear a condom everytime for vaginal and sexual intercourse. Those are the only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV.

Good luck with your test. I think it is likely you will come out of this ok. If you test positive, it is necessary to have that result confirmed with a western blot to be sure that you are actually HIV positive.

Please clarify if I am missing something here.


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