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New Puppy , Death and illness still here

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Jeff G:
I love dogs more than people and I'm only nice to humans in case my dog ever needs one of your kidneys , even if its for a snack .

I heard that Michael's Mia is a lover of music and is partial to Bjork . Its OK to listen to Bjork with the puppy but don't wear the swan dress , you will only spoil her . 

Thank you all dear hearts.
Well it has not been a great week however this a.m I feel a shift and intend to take full advantage off it.

Next Monday or Tuesday, next job is to check, Mia and I are off to Orkney taking the long route so Mia is not on a car ferry for 7 hours and not on a train for longer than 4 hours.That means it will take 4 days to get there. Which if mind and body are OK and the hotels don't smell will be a delight, however I am experienced in this malarkey and am aware I could tumble off the short boat journey needing skilled care.

We will see.

My Mothers health has deteriorated over the the Summer, its very very Sad.
And I am pretty sure her health will dictate how long I am away. Mine is OK health that is. Just coming out off a MissP event , though not thank God so violent , ill at 4 a.m. is better when there is a canine in the house. The Dentist work is half way throe. the Dentist is Good, the organization by the Hospital she works for crap. Cancelled clinics at the last moment , turning up to find clinic cancelled etc.

Well its time to get out off my tribute to Bjork pyjamas and done this Autumns style. Which from now must include a Kidney protector.

love to all


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