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New Puppy , Death and illness still here

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I am into week three with Mia 3 and half months off North English Black and Tan Short Jack Russel. I Love Her.

But have hardly any energy left for ought else. Its Mia care full time , not 100% true but more fun to print.

Typing this to Kraftwerks -Electrocardiagram---Funniest thing all week for me.

Big Love to you all darlinks.


No problem. I'm a professional. I do things professionally.

[Door slams]

[from off stage] I hate you! I hate you, you pig!

I luv puppies...luv luv luv luv luv luv dogs too!!!

But...I'm not home long enough each day to have one. So don't take the above personally.  ;D


Have fun with the new little one, Michael.  I'm so glad you have her!

Congrats on the new puppy.  I know the amazing joy I receive from my Miss Lily.  I've said numerous times that she was my savior when I was deadly sick a couple of years ago.  My biggest fear about dying was worrying about her.  She faithfully laid by my side for months and comforted me.

Congrats again.


Hey Michaei,

Congrats on the new puppy. I am a cat person, myself, but I am not home enough to have any pets, except maybe fish.




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