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Pre-existing condition and insuranceI


I am currently with Kaiser Permanente and I'm thinking about switching insurances when the renewal comes at the end of the year. I am lucky enough to have a few insurance plans being offered by my company, so I have a choice, but I have to make that choice in November. I'm a bit confused about the "pre-existing condition" that we hear about here in the US. Am I at risk of having my new insurance on January 1st tell me they can't pay for my medication when they figure out I'm HIV+?



I found this on the internets.  I swear I've learned all this info in the past, but have forgotten the details.  I can't be certain the accuracy from this site, but this seems to jive with what I've read in the past.  Read down the page for this:

"The bottom line: If you had at least a full year of health coverage at your previous job and you enrolled in your new health plan without a break of 63 days or more, your new health plan cannot subject you to the pre-existing condition exclusion."

Thanks I heard something similar too. I'll do more research. Thanks!

JR Gabbard:
Hi Milker,
Group insurance, which is the type you get from work, cannot deny coverage for a pre-existing condition.  That shouldn't be a problem for you switching plans if you wish.


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