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watching the dabate??

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Here we go!!!!  :)

The President wasn't very good tonight. He didn't properly challenge Romney on so many things. Luckily Romney was quite obvious in not telling the truth about his proposed policies enough times to balance out... maybe.

The President wasn't very good tonight.  Obama could have mentioned the 47%, he could have discussed bringing the auto industry back, and so much more.  He let the $700 Billion assertion go at least twice, without much of a rebuttal.  He let the "death panel" comment go without much of a rebuttal.  He let the "thousands thrown off private insurance" comment go more than once. 

And, Jim Lehrer has run his course.  If I remember correctly, didn't he moderate all three debates in 2000?  I think these debates should be longer--at least a full 2 hours.  And, I'm wondering whether we should go back to a panel of journalists asking questions and doing a "Tim Russert" style of asking questions, challenging the answers, and pointing out fact and fiction.  I've watched Congressional debates, and most of the time, the moderators ask questions and follow-ups.  They ask questions like, "What did you mean by your 47% remark?"  Jim let Romney run all over him. 

I'm sure the President has worked with a strategist or 2.  Besides, I'm sure nobody switched sides based on the debate.  He is already winning swing states and is in the great position of not having to swing voters, but rather retain those he already has.

Overall, I thought it was all quite mild and I'm surprised Mitt didn't aggressively tout his policies.

I don't want more or longer debates at all.  There is no actual debate going on -- it simply talking points that may or may not have anything to do with the question/topic at hand.
It is really just a dog and pony show -- a chance to "look" Presidential.  Oh yeah -- and it's a way for the Talking Heads on TV to get more air time.

I suppose I would go with more/longer debates if they had to stop their advertising for the same period of time as they debate.  Living in a swing state SUCKS -- I am soooooo ready for this election season to be over, you have NO IDEA.



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