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watching the dabate??

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got your popcorn ready?

Sorry Miss P. ...
(wouldn't want to aggravate your, a....., recent "condition".)

Hope to see Romney with both feet in mouth. (again)
OOps, sorry again Miss P.

night all...

been tweeting and emailing @NewsHour for the last week hoping to get the candidates to talk about something that was left out of the last debates - the Repub and Demo policies of how to deal with HIV/AIDS in America (#DebateHIV)

i here you loud and strong and i thank you for your focus and effort Leatherman.

unfortunatey, i have serious doubts that the issue will even be discussed. :(

it takes people with your effort to make a difference!

Thank You!!!


--- Quote from: mitch777 on October 03, 2012, 08:20:30 PM ---unfortunatey, i have serious doubts that the issue will even be discussed. :(

--- End quote ---
oh I agree. Sadly we won't hear anything on the topic - but not for want of trying. The SC HIV/AIDS task force has been contacting the moderators for all three debates (including the vice-prez one) for about two weeks now. In the last week AIDS United started up their campaign to get this topic included.

It's nice to remember that even though McCain and Obama didn't talk about HIV, President Obama DID put together the National HIV Strategy with real actions and goals for the federal government to take to deal with HIV now (testing and treatment) and in the future (education, prevention, and the cure)


boy, your SC HIV task force hs got "spunk"!


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